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IELTS Vocabulary: Condition

Test Tip

We do not use the when writing about things in general.

Crime is rising in capital cities.   NOT The crime…
This is just one of the issues in society.   NOT … in the society

A. Look at these sentences. They all use 'if. Rewrite each sentence, replacing 'if with the words in bold. You may need to remove some of the other words.

1) You can borrow my dictionary if you return it before you go home. (providing that)


2) You can't go to university if you don't have good grades. (unless)


3) Pollution will get worse if we continue to live in a throwaway society. (as long as)


4) Many developed countries are willing to waive the Third World debt if the money is reinvested ineducation and medicine. (on condition that)


5) Some countries will never be able to rectify their deficits even if they work very hard. (no matter how)


6) Computers are difficult things to understand, even if you read a lot of books about them. (however many)


7) Crime is a problem, even if you go to relatively safe countries. (wherever)


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B. Now rewrite each sentence beginning with the words in bold.
For example: Providing that you return it before you go home, you can borrow my dictionary.

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C. Complete these sentences using an appropriate word or expression from above and your own ideas.

1. British universities will accept students from abroad.

2. Working for a large company can be a fulfilling experience.

3. Most banks are happy to lend customers money.

4. The government will reduce income tax.

5. The environmental situation will continue to worsen.

6. There will always be long waiting lists at our hospitals.

7. Travelling helps you understand more about the world around you.

D. Some nouns can be used to express condition. Complete these sentences 1-3 with one of the words from A, B or C.

1) Being able to drive is one of the of the .......... job of salesman.

A. prerequirementsB. prerequisitesC. prescriptions

2) Before you accept a job, it is important that you agree with the .......... of the contract.

A. conditionalsB. conditionsC. conditioners

3) It is a .......... of the university that you attend an interview.

A. requirementB. requisiteC. requiem

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