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IELTS Listening 8 - Section 2

Study Tip

To improve your concentration, when you are doing the Practice Tests here, try to write down each possible answer. Cross out the incorrect answers as you listen, based on what the speakers say. (Note that you may not have time to do this in the exam, however.)

Questions 11-14

Section 2:
You are going to hear a news broadcast about proposed developments in a local area, and about a local college.
First look at questions 11 to 14.

Circle FOUR letters A-H.

Which FOUR planned developments are mentioned?

A    a village town hall
B    a leisure centre
  C    a play area for children
  D    a hospital
E    an industrial development
F    extra houses
  G    a steel works
H    a motorway

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Questions 15-18

Tick Column A if the individual is in favour of the proposals.

Tick Column B if the individual is against the proposals.

  A B
Example: The local farmer  
15) The Mayor  
16) The conservation group spokesman  
17) The local MP  
18) The local shopkeeper  
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Questions 19 and 20

Circle the correct Ietter A-D.

19) Upton is
A    close to Tartlesbury.
B    far from Tartlesbury.
  C    connected by rail to Tartlesbury.
  D    a town with a university.
20) The College has
A    never had a 100% success rate.
B    had a 100% success rate this year.
  C    always been very successful.
  D    never been successful.

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