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Further Practice for Listening 8 Section 4


It is important to be clear about the context in which facts and figures are mentioned, and not to jump to conclusions when you hear a number or a detail in the recording.


     Dr Charles Butt will be giving

     A ten lectures.

     B three lectures.

     C thirteen lectures.

     D six to eight lectures.

Answer: A

The other figures (B-D) are all either mentioned or can be deduced from what you hear in this section of the listening test, but they do not answer this question.

The following exercise will help you to focus on what the numerical data mentioned refers to.

Listen again to Section 4 and choose the correct answer a-d. More than one answer may be correct in each case.

Stop the recording when Dr Butt says 'considered to be collapsing'.

1 From six to eight is
A the number of extra lectures.
B the time of the extra lectures.
C the number of outside speakers.
  D the number of vacant places on the course.
2 Twenty-seven minutes is
A the average lunch break now.
B last year's average lunch break.
C the shortest lunch break ever.
  D not long enough for lunch.
3 Nine out of ten is
A the average figure for sick leave.
B the number of workers who consider stress at work to be a problem.
C the number of employers who are stressed.
  D the number of lectures dealing with stress.
4 The proportion of days off sick that workers take but bosses do not think are genuine is
A 30%.
B just below 50%.
C two-thirds.
D between one- and two-thirds.
5 At local car plant, 30% is
A current productivity.
  B average productivity.
C the productivity rise in 2001.
  D the expected increase in productivity in 2002.