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Further Practice for Listening 8 Section 3


In the listening test some of the questions require you to understand and correctly select or identify particular facts and figures. You might be asked to complete details in sentences; a summary or notes, or select the correct details from the options you are given.

This exercise will help you to focus on the specific information you are listening for, rather than being distracted by other numerical details which are not relevant to the task.

Listen again to the first part of Section 3 and match the figures and quantifies (a-g) below to the items they refer to (1-6). You will not need to use all of the answers.

Stop the recording when Dr Woodham says 'any questions or comments?'

a 7% b 9%
c 30% d 50%
e 5 f 20
g 100

1) number of essays

2) maximum marks for each essay

3) total essay marks each year

4) contribution of essays to final degree

5) contribution Carl's essay has made to his final grade

6) contribution Pamela's essay has made to her final grade

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