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IELTS Listening 7 - Section 3

IELTS Listening Tip

1) Predict what type of information is missing from each gap. Also predict what the missing word or phrase could actually be.
2) Your first guess might be right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. Just thinking about it in that way will help you.
3) Write the missing words exactly as you hear them.
4) Read the sentences/summary again to check that the words you have added make sense and fit grammatically.

Questions 21-23

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Section 3:
You are going to listen to a conversation between a tutor and two students.
First you have some time to look at Questions 21-23.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 21 to 23:

•  has been with them on the course for (21) .....................
•  has left because she has got a (22) .....................
•  has returned to (23) .....................
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Questions 24-30

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 24 to 30:

24)  Steve's mark could have been better if he had
A not made mistakes in his project.
B done a better book review.
C written more words.
  D chosen a different topic for his project.
25)  Steve's book review was
A too long.
B not as good as his project.
C excellent.
  D fairly good.
26)  Steve's tutor criticizes which aspect of his project?
A the beginning
B the argument about road pricing
C the end
  D the length
27)  The tutor recommends that Frances should do
A a PhD but not an MPhil.
B an MPhil or a PhD.
C another project.
  D her work more carefully.
28)  As regards getting funding, the tutor thinks Frances's
A chances are slim.
B chances are greater than many other students'.
  C exam results will be decisive.
  D chances are better now than in the past.
29  The last time a student in the department achieved a first in their exams was
A three years ago.
B thirty years ago.
  C last year.
  D in the first three years the college was open.
30)  Steve does not plan to go on to do research because he wants to
A stop studying.
  B do lots of really exciting things.
C earn some money to do the things he would like to do.
  D return to his job.

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