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IELTS Listening 5 - Section 4

IELTS Listening Section 4

Section four, which is also concerned with educational and training context, will feature a monologue, for example, a lecture or talk of general, non-specialist academic interest. Some typical question types found in this section are matching, classification and multiple choice. As there is no break during this section, you must look through all the questions in the time given at the beginning. It is also especially important to listen for words signalling a change from one part of the lecture to another. The following are examples of monologues you may hear in section four:

1) A lecture on the radio about a health problem
2) A university lecture about eclipse
3) A monologue on how to breed animals
4) A lecture about Neolithic Britain

Questions 31-36

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Section 4:
You will hear a university librarian given a talk to new students.
First you have some time to look at Questions 31-40.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 31 to 40:

31) During the first week of term, students are invited to
A be shown round the library by the librarian.
B listen to descriptions of library resources.
C do an intensive course in the computer centre.
32) The speaker warns the students that
A Internet materials can be unreliable.
B downloaded information must be acknowledged.
C computer access may be limited at times.
33) The library is acquiring more CDs as a resource because
A they are a cheap source of information.
B they take up very little space.
C they are more up to date than the reference books.
34) Students are encouraged to use journals online because
A the articles do not need to be returned to the shelves.
B reading online is cheaper than photocopying articles.
C the stock of printed articles is to be reduced.
35) Why might some students continue to use reference books?
A they can be taken away from the library
B they provide information unavailable elsewhere
C they can be borrowed for an extended loan period
36) What is the responsibility of the Training Supervisor?
A to supervise and support library staff
B to provide orientation to the library facilities
C to identify needs and inform section managers

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Questions 37-40

Which section of the university will help postgraduate students with their dissertations in the following ways?

A the postgraduate's own department or tutor
B library staff
C another section of the university

Write the correct letter, A, B or C, next to questions 37-40.

37) training in specialised computer programs  

38) advising on bibliography presentation  

39) checking the draft of the dissertation  

40) providing language support  

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