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IELTS Reading 4 - Passage 1

Reading Tip

You should adjust your reading speed throughout the exam. When you are looking for detailed information (e.g. the writer's opinion), you will need to slow down to make sure you find the exact answer. When you are asked for more general information (e.g. matching paragraph headings), you may be able to read faster. By practising, you will find the ideal balance between reading slowly enough to understand and fast enough to finish on time.

Questions 1-4

Reading Passage 1 has six sections, A-F.

Which paragraph contains the following information?

Write the correct letter A-F in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.

1) details of the range of family types involved in an education programme  

2) reasons why a child's early years are so important  

3) reasons why an education programme failed  

4) a description of the positive outcomes of an education programme  

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Questions 5-10

Classify the following features as characterising

A the 'Headstart' programme
В the 'Missouri' programme
С both the 'Headstart' and the 'Missouri' programmes
D neither the `Headstart' nor the 'Missouri' programme

Write the correct letter A, B, C or D in boxes 5-10 on your answer sheet.

5) was administered to a variety of poor and wealthy families  

6) continued with follow-up assistance in elementary schools  

7) did not succeed in its aim  

8) supplied many forms of support and training to parents  

9) received insufficient funding  

10) was designed to improve pre-schoolers' educational development  

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Questions 11-13

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?

In boxes 11-13 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE if the statement is true according to the passage
FALSE if the statement is false according to the passage
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

11) Most 'Missouri' programme three-year-olds scored highly in areas such as listening, speaking, reasoning and interacting with others.  

12) 'Missouri' programme children of young, uneducated, single parents scored less highly on the tests.  

13) The richer families in the 'Missouri' programme had higher stress levels.  

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