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IELTS Listening 3 - Section 2

Questions 11-15

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Section 2:
You will hear a man called Dan Pearman, talking on the radio about Pedal Power, a UK charity which sends bicycles to people in developing countries.
First you have some time to look at Questions 11-15.

Now Listen carefully and answer Questions 11 to 15:


11) In 1993 Dan Pearman went to Ecuador
A  as a tourist guide.
  B  as part of his studies.
C  as a voluntary worker.
12) Dan's neighbour was successful in business because he
A  employed carpenters from the area.
  B  was the most skilled craftsman in the town.
C  found it easy to reach customers.
13) Dan says the charity relies on
A  getting enough bicycles to send regularly.
  B  finding new areas which need the bicycles.
C  charging for the bicycles it sends abroad.
14) What does Dan say about the town of Rivas?
A  It has received the greatest number of bikes.
  B  It has almost as many bikes as Amsterdam.
C  Its economy has been totally transformed.
15) What problem did the charity face in August 2000?
A  It couldn't meet its overheads.
  B  It had to delay sending the bikes.
C  It was criticised in the British media.

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Questions 16 and 17

Answer the questions below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.

16) How much money did the charity receive when it won an award? ....................

17) What is the charity currently hoping to buy? ....................

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The options don't follow the order in which you hear them on the recording. So make sure that you read them all first and keep them all in mind as you answer the questions.

Questions 18-20

Choose THREE letters A-G.

Which THREE things can the general public do to help the charity Pedal Power?

A organise a bicycle collection
B repair the donated bikes
C donate their unwanted tools
D do voluntary work in its office
E hold an event to raise money
F identify areas that need bikes
  G write to the government

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