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IELTS Reading 2 - Passage 1

IELTS Reading Tip

Do the sections in the order they come. Read the title and sub-heading (if there is one) of each passage and use these to form an idea of what the passage is about. Then read quickly through the questions and note what type they are. Read the passage quickly before you start doing the questions to see how the topic is developed and note the main ideas. Start with the first set of questions. When you go on to the second set of questions, you may have to go back to the start of the passage to find the answers.

Questions 1-3

Choose THREE letters A-H.

Write your answers in boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet.

NB Your answers may be given in any order.

Which THREE of the following statements are true of Johnson's Dictionary?

A It avoided all scholarly words.
B It was the only English dictionary in general use for 200 years.
C It was famous because of the large number of people involved.
D It focused mainly on language from contemporary texts.
  E There was a time limit for its completion.
  F It ignored work done by previous dictionary writers.
G It took into account subtleties of meaning.
  H Its definitions were famous for their originality.

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Questions 4-7

Complete the summary.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 4-7 on your answer sheet.

In 1764 Dr Johnson accepted the contract to produce a dictionary. Having rented a garret, he took on a number of (4) .................... , who stood at a long central desk. Johnson did not have a (5) .................... available to him, but eventually produced definitions of in excess of 40,000 words written down in 80 large notebooks. On publication, the Dictionary was immediately hailed in many European countries as a landmark. According to his biographer, James Boswell, Johnson's principal achievement was to bring (6) .................... to the English language. As a reward for his hard work, he was granted a (7) .................... by the king.

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Questions 8-13

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?

In boxes 8-13 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE if the statement is true according to the passage
FALSE if the statement is false according to the passage
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

8) The growing importance of the middle classes led to an increased demand for dictionaries.  

9) Johnson has become more well known since his death.  

10) Johnson had been planning to write a dictionary for several years.  

11) Johnson set up an academy to help with the writing of his Dictionary.  

12) Johnson only received payment for his Dictionary on its completion.  

13) Not all of the assistants survived to see the publication of the Dictionary.  

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