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IELTS Speaking : Hobby

IELTS Speaking Tip

Be prepared to talk about your hobbies and how often you do them. Search online or in language books for texts describing your pastimes. Note down and learn any useful words, phrases or collocations, and then practise talking about your hobbies with a friend.

Speaking Exam: Part 2

Take one minute to prepare a talk on the following subject.
Take notes if you like and remember to include reasons and examples.
You should then speak for between one and two minutes.

Describe a hobby you enjoy.

You should say:
  • how long you have been doing it
  • how often you do it
  • what benefits you get from it
and explain why you enjoy it.

1. I've joined a club where I can play chess.
(become a member of a club)

2. I'm a philatelist. I collect all sorts of stamps.
(a person who collects stamps for pleasure)

3. I often go camping in the summer.
(to live in a camp or outdoors)

4. I do a bit of / a lot of climbing.
(go mountain climbing)

5. I make my own clothes.
(I make clothes for myself. I don't buy them.)

6. I like photography.
(the skill or process of taking photographs)

7. I'm mad about DIY. I think this is a very good hobby for people who have a house but don't have much money.
(do it yourself; the activity of making and repairing things yourself around your home)

8. I took up golf when I was at school.
(to start a hobby for the first time)

9. I gave up photography.
(to stop doing a hobby)

10. I collect antiques. I really enjoy going round the shops looking for a bargain.
(you collect stamps, coins, antiques)

11. I try to practice playing the guitar every day.
(to make music with a musical instrument)

12. I usually go jogging two or three times a week.
(run slowly, especially as a form of exercise)

13. I took up hiking because I wanted to get more exercise.
(a long walk in the country)

14. I don't really do anything in my spare time.
(time when you are not working)

15. In winter, I do quite a lot of skiing.
(in English you normally do a lot of / a bit of sport)

16. In summer, I play tennis and cricket.
(in English you normally play a game)

Holiday making

17. My aunt is a great traveler: she's been to every country in Europe.
(a person who is travelling or who often travels)

18. We toured / went / were on a tour round the United States last summer.
(to make a journey for pleasure during which you visit many places)

19. I will be going overseas in my new job.
(to travel to another country across the sea)

20. The island's economy is heavily dependent on tourism.
(the business of providing Holidays for people)

21. We went on an excursion to the mountains.
(an organized trip with a group of people)

22. I'm not taking any holiday / vacation
(time when you do not go to work for a special reason)

23. I'm taking a short break and going to my sister's for a few days.
(a short period of time when you do not work)

24. You look exhausted. You should take a few days off and relax.
(not present at work)

25. I can't come I'm afraid. I'm on holiday / off that week.
(to leave your home and go somewhere else for a holiday)

26. We're only going away or a few days.
(to live the place where you leave at least one night)

27. We've booked two weeks in Australia in July.
(to reserve and pay for a holiday before you go)

28. They run a small resort hotel in Vermont.
(a place where a lot of people go on holiday)

29. I brought a model of the Eiffel Tower as a souvenir of Paris.
(something that you buy on holiday [for your friend] as a reminder of that place)

30. We travelled overland to Delhi and then flew on to Singapore.
(by road or rail)

31. The voyage from England to India used to take six months.
(a long journey by sea)

32. We decided to go cruising in the Mediterranean.
(to travel by sea, visiting a number of places as a holiday)

33. We take / get / catch the train / bus, to Leeds and then got a bus to where she lives.
(to travel to a place by train, bus, plane)

34. We headed for / made for (informal) the town centre.
(to travel towards somewhere)

35. We stopped off in Paris en route to Nice.
(on the way to somewhere)

36. The travel agent suggested some changes to my itinerary.
(a plan of a journey, route, etc.)

37. One of the most famous landmarks in London is Nelson's Column.
(an object especially a building, that can be seen from a distance)

38. We had been on the move for twenty four hours and were absolutely exhausted.
(to be travelling)

39. We made a stopover at Frankfurt on the way to Tokyo.
(a short stop on a journey)

40. I'm learning Spanish, just for fun.
(you do something for enjoyment and pleasure)

41. I think I get more pleasure out of doing my garden than anything else.
(the feeling of being happy)

42. Let your hair down (informal) for once!
(to allow yourself to enjoy something freely, without worrying about what other people think)

43. We had the time of our lives.
(to enjoy something very much)

44. There isn't much entertainment for young people in this town.
(things to do that interest and amuse people)

45. I had a great time last night.
(to get pleasure from doing something)

46. I have to amuse myself for a few hours while I waited for her to arrive.
(to keep yourself entertained)