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IELTS Speaking : Family

1. I live in a one-parent family / single-parent family.
(a family where the children live with only one parent)

2. I really enjoy my family life.
(the way a family lives)

3. I come from a big family of eight children.
(the group of people who are related to you)

4. I grew up on a farm.
(develop from being a child to being an adult)

5. I grew up knowing that my elder brother would take over the family business one day.
(the job your parents and probably your grandparents used to do)

6. Nuclear family
(a family consisting of mother, father and their children)

7. Extended family
(all the people in a family including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.)

8. Family background
(the sort of family you come from)

9. She's / he's family (informal)
(used to say that someone is related to you)

10. A large household
(all the people who live in one house)

11. My domestic life isn't very happy.
(connected with the private family home)

12. I live on my own. I haven't got any family.
(the group of people who are related to one another)

13. We've got the same name but are not related.
(the way you are connected)

14. He lives with us, but he's not related / unrelated.
(a person who is not a member of your family)

15. He is a close / distant relative of mine.
(near or not in a family relationship)

16. I really take after my mother.
(to look like or be like a parent or older member of your family)

17. All the men in our family are bald. I support it's hereditary.
(a quality which is passed from parents to children)

18. All her children are very artistic. It must run in the family.
(something which is passed from parents to children / a common feature in a family)

19. Bringing up / raising children is never easy.
(to look after children in a family until they are adults and to teach them how to behave)

20. My parents really tried to give me a good upbringing.
(the way somebody is brought up)

21. My father recently lost his job, so my mother's the main breadwinner now.
(a person who earns all or most of the money in family)

22. I need a job, so I can support my family.
(to have enough money to be able to look after a family)

23. I am getting married next year and hope to start a family straight away.
(have children)

24. My father is really a family man.
(a man who enjoys being at home with his wife and children)

25. He's got some fatherly concern and duties.
(behaving like a father)

26. Motherhood really suits her.
(the state of being a mother)

27. She is a motherly sort of person.
(behaving like a mother)

28. Danny is my foster brother.
(having different parents, but being brought up in the same family)

29. My step father is a nice man.
(the man who is married to your mother but is not your father)

30. Paul is my big brother / older / elder brother.
(older than you)

31. Anna is my little sister / younger sister.
(younger than you)

32. We're identical twins.
(twins who look exactly the same)

33. My twin sister is a dentist.
(either of the children who have the same parents and are born at the same time)

34. She doesn't get on well with her in-laws.
(the parents of your husband or wife)

35. Next of kin
(your closest relative, who should be told if you are injured or killed)

36. I closely resemble my father.
(to be closely similar to, or look like someone)

37. You can see the resemblance between Susan and her sister.
(a similarity between two things, especially in the way they look)

38. He bears a remarkable resemblance to my father.
(to be or look somebody / something else)

39. My parents live apart from each other.
(if married people decide to separate, then they live apart)