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IELTS Reading Sample (General) #4

Reading Tip

In IELTS you need to be able to read faster than your normal pace. You also need to be able to quickly find particular words and phrases. There are a variety of IELTS question types that test how well you can find facts in a text. Often they are completion tasks, where you have a gap to fill, or you may have to answer short questions.

Questions 1-6

The Reading Passage has six paragraphs AF.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

List of Phrases
i Campus types
ii Old universities
iii Universities during the industrial revolution
iv University colleges
v Rising standards in higher education
vi The second expansion
vii Former polytechnics

1) Section A 

2) Section B 

3) Section C 

4) Section D 

5) Section E 

6) Section F 

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Questions 7-10

Answer the questions below with words taken from the Reading Passage.

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

7) Why were several universities established during the 19th and 20th centuries? 

8) What did the government decide to do in the 1960s? 

9) What qualification do many former polytechnics provide? 

10) What are colleges the centre of? 

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Questions 11-16

Classify the following descriptions as referring to

OU (old universities)
CU (civic universities)
NU (new universities)
FP (former polytechnics)
UC (university colleges)

NB You may use any answer more than once.

11) have accommodation and educational facilities on campus.  

12) provide various courses on a single subject.  

13) have lecturers and students living in the same place.  

14) were linked to religious institutions.  

15) were built in growing cities.  

16) offer diploma courses.  

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