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IELTS Reading Sample (Academic) #9

Reading Tip: Classification

1) Skim the text to get a general idea of the content.
2) Look for key words and phrases in the statements and find the same idea in the text. Also find the names in the text.
3) Read carefully to see which person is being referred to. Match each statement to the correct person.

Questions 1-9

Classify the following statements as referring to

A Charlie Moore
B Lewis Williams
C Emily Cope

Write the appropriate letters A, B or C in boxes 1-9 on your answer sheet.

1) British people don't appreciate art because they don't see enough art around them all the time.

2) British museums aim to appeal to popular tastes in art.

3) The average Englishman likes the works of Turner and Constable.

4) Britain, like every other country, has its own view of what art is.

5) In Britain, interest in art is mainly limited to traditional forms such as representational painting.

6) British art has always been affected by other cultures.

7) Galleries in other countries are of better quality that those in Britain.

8) People are not raised to appreciate art.

9) The British have a limited knowledge of art.

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Questions 10-12

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

10) Many British artists
A are engravers or poets.
B are great but liked only in Britain.
C do not belong to a school or general trend.
D are influenced by Picasso and Dali.
11) 'Classic' art can be described as
A sentimental, realistic paintings with geometric shapes.
B realistic paintings with primary colours.
C abstract modern paintings and sculptures.
D realistic, representational pictures and sculptures.
12) In Spain, people probably enjoy modern art because
A their artists have a classifiable style.
B the most renowned modern artists are Spanish.
C they attend many modern exhibitions.
D they have different opinions on art.

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