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Grammar Exercise #8

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You stayed with a family in another country while you were studying.
Write a letter to the family. In your letter:

  • thank the family for your stay.
  • say what you enjoyed about your stay.
  • ask the family to stay with you in the future.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Here is a model answer. Look at the words or phrases in capitals. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase.

Dear Luca and Alexandra,

Im WRITING / WRITTING to thank you for the lovely time I had STAYED / STAYING in your gorgeous house in Patras while I was STUDING / STUDYING Greek LAST / THE LAST Winter.

As you know, Id BEEN NEVER / NEVER BEEN to Greece when I arrived IN / TO Athens, and I was thrilled to FIND / FINDING so many wonderful PEOPLE / PERSONS and amazing archaeological sites. I really had no idea about Greeces HERITAGE RICH / RICH HERITAGE. Almost all the stereotypes we HAD / HAVE in London of Greece WAS / WERE soon proven wrong. I met many people WHOS / WHOSE worldview is pretty much the same as my own. Ive CERTAINLY TOLD / TOLD CERTAINLY everyone back home about the FASCINATED / FASCINATING and generous community of Patras.

My most memorable experience was CELEBRATE / CELEBRATING the Patras Carnival with you - that incredible Saturday evening PARADE / PERADE and those bonfires, as well as the live music in four LANGUAGE / LANGUAGES. Im so GRATEFUL / GREATFUL you shared those things with me.

Please ACCEPT / EXCEPT a small token of my gratitude, enclosed, and REMEMBER / REMIND, if youre ever in London, Id be delighted TO PUT YOU UP / TO PUT UP YOU and show you around.

Your friend,


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