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IELTS General Reading 5 - Passage 3


You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 27-39, which are based on Reading Passage 3.

Questions 27-32

The text 'Life in an international orchestra' has seven paragraphs (A-G).
Choose the correct heading for Paragraphs A-G from the list of headings (i-x) below Write your answers in boxes 27-32 on the answer sheet.

NB There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use all of them.

Paragraph F

List of Headings
i The need for a high quality instrument
ii Formalities at the beginning of the concert
iii Problems with changes in sound in the hall
iv Poor and ineffective conducting method
v The highs and lows of being a member of an orchestra
vi Pre-concert arrangements
vii The response of the audience
viii The need for detailed rehearsal
ix The importance of the conductor's management style
x Correct adjustment of each instrument

27 Paragraph A  
28 Paragraph B  
39 Paragraph C  
30 Paragraph D  
31 Paragraph E  
32 Paragraph F  
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Questions 33-39

Choose the letter A-D that gives the best completion to each sentence below for the orchestra passage.

Write your answers in boxes 33-39 on the answer sheet.

33 Playing in a large orchestra requires long hours because
A there are very many members in the team.
B the rehearsals take a lot of time.
C hotel accommodation is not always satisfactory.
  D players are sometimes absent because they are sick.
34 Frequent rehearsals may be needed because
A the musicians are occasionally worried.
B the conductor must correct players' mistakes.
  C the players may not know each piece of music.
D the volume of the instruments needs to be adjusted.
35 An effective conductor is one who
A has the players' approval.
B forces the team to play well.
  C explains everything to the players.
  D allows no interruption to the rehearsal.
36 Today, a conductor who loudly criticises the players
A is showing them respect.
B can expect insults from them.
  C will force them to play well.
D will not get good music from them.
37 On the evening of a concert, the players, will
A visit the changing rooms.
B arrive at the hall too early.
C make sure their instruments are working properly.
  D check they have their formal clothing.
38 Problems in a concert may occur if
A the hall temperature changes.
B the audience does not applaud the conductor.
  C the players are playing an unfamiliar piece of music.
  D the conductor doesn't go through the music bar by bar.
39 Players feel satisfaction in their music when
A they have rehearsed well.
B they have worked a long hard day.
C the whole orchestra plays well together.
  D the audience is happy.
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