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IELTS General Writing 4 - Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have just moved into a new home and are planning to hold a party. You are worried that the noise may disturb your neighbour.

Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter

  • introduce yourself
  • describe your plans for the party
  • invite your neighbour to come

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ................. ,

model answer:

Dear neighbour,
I am your new neighbour, I moved in Last week with my son, I am working as a nurse in the nearby hospital. I am planning o hold a Party, I will invite all my friends and relatives, my son also will invite his friends I would like to invite yu too, I will be happy o see you.

At the Party I will provide all kind of drinks, differeni Type of food, I will Prepare intercontinental dishes as well as some Arabic food, in addition I will also get some Indian and Chinese food, I will order them from the restaurant, so we will have planty of food and drinks, we will also listen o some music and I will introduced you o all of my ferinds, also who ever likes o dance they can. I hope everyone will enjoy the Party and have fun including you.

If you decided not to come for any reason, Please inform me, and I want o be sure that the noise will nod disturb you.

Looking forward o see you, as this Party gives both of us the opportunity o be good freinds.

yours faithfully,


(196 words)

This is an answer written by a candidate who achieved a Band 6 score. Here is the examiner's comment:

The letter has a clear purpose and all the information required in the task is provided and well¬extended by the writer. The tone is consistently informal and friendly, which suits the situation. The closing expression is over-formal and adds an inappropriate tone, but this is only a minimal lapse in the whole response.

The information is generally organised throughout the letter, but while there are one or two examples of good linking, there is a lot of omission, and `also' is used rather repetitively. As a result, sentences are not fluently linked and this limits the rating.

Vocabulary is adequate and appropriate for the task although the range is not wide. The level of control is generally good with only a few spelling mistakes. The range of structures is limited and repetitive, however. There are one or two examples of complex structures used well, but overall there are lots of simple clauses that have inaccurate punctuation. This is a weak point of this answer.