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General Reading 9 - Passage 1

Questions 1-5
What to do soon after arrival
Apply for a Tax File Number   5
Register with Medicare   6
Open a bank account   7
Register with Centrgilink   8
Register for English classes   9
Enrol your children at-school   10
Get a driver's licence   11

Help with English
Translating and interpreting   12
Learning English for adults   13

Emergency Services
Police   14
Fire   14
Ambulance   14

Australian Customs and Lay   15

Renting a private house or fiat   18
Tenants' rights and responsibilities   19
Buying a house or flat   20
Public housing   21
Emergency housing   22
Essential household services   23

Looking far work   24
Job Network Services   24
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)   25
Qualifications   26
Working conditions   26
Superannuation   27
Taxation   27

Social Security
Waiting period for Centrelink payments   28
Family Tax Benefit   29

Public transport   30
Private vehicles   31

Education and Childcare
Schools   32
Non-English-speaking children   33
Interpreters   34
Enrolment   35
Vocational education   36
Universities   37

The Health System Medicare
Centrgilink health care card   38
Private health insurance   38
Community health centres   39
Mental health   40
Services for people from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds
Immunisation   42
Dental services   42

Recreation and Media
Outdoor activities   43
Media   44
Internet   44

Department of Immigration and Multicultural and
Indigenous Affairs
Citizenship   45
Resident return visas   47
Family visits   48

Local Government oral Community
Community services   49
Multicultural services   49
Libraries   50
Questions 6-10

Looking for Work

The daily newspapers advertise job vacancies, from Monday to Friday, and often provide a special in-depth section on work opportunities on Saturday. There are also private employment agencies, which are listed in the Yellow Pages telephone directory and internet employment boards.

Any Australian resident can register with Centrelink for help in finding a job. You need to do this if you want to be referred to Job Network, which consists of hundreds of private, community and government organisations, contracted to the Commonwealth Government to help people find employment.

As a newcomer, it is often a good idea to talk to an experienced employment counsellor to ensure that your approach to job-seeking is appropriate, particularly if you are having difficulty getting an interview.

Job Network Services

There are a number of employment services available under the Job Network. These include:

Intensive Support Services - provide further assistance to eligible job seekers including training them to develop interview skills, and to be able to present themselves well to potential employers.

Intensive Support - customised assistance - provides more one-to-one help to eligible job seekers, and includes addressing a job seeker's barriers to employment and tailors the job seeker's efforts in looking for work.

The New Enterprise incentive Scheme (NEIS) - helps unemployed people start and run their own business. Participants may be able to get NEIS assistance which provides small business training, income support and advice during the first year of business.

It is important to remember that just joining a Job Network provider does not guarantee a job. You still need to actively seek work to increase your chances of finding a job.

All job seekers can also use the free Job Network Access facilities at Centrelink and a number of Job Network Member Agencies. These include telephones, photocopiers, fax machines, touch screens and computers (including the internet).
Questions 11-14


The fitness centre offers a variety of activities for members of all ages throughout the week.

Activities for Monday 12 July

Learn to swim Classes for pre-school children aged five and under start at 10 am. Classes last 30 minutes and parents must attend with their children. Don't forget to book, as places are limited, and to pack some warm clothes for after the lesson.

Women's aerobics Sessions are for one hour and begin at 10.45 am, led by Melissa. Come along and join us every Monday for an exhilarating hour of exercise and fun. Leave your kids at the nursery and take time out for yourself. Wear a track suit or something similar.

Lunchtime yoga Take a break at lunchtime (1.00 - 2.00 pm) for an hour of meditation and yoga. Enjoy the peace and quiet of our meditation room, and relaxing sessions designed for active people with busy lives. Use your own mat for floor work or hire one from us for a small sum.