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IELTS Listening - Section 2

Questions 11-20

Section 2:
You are going to hear a news broadcast about proposed developments in a local area, and about a local college.
First look at questions 11 to 14.

Circle FOUR letters A-H.

Which FOUR planned developments are mentioned?

A a village town hall
B a leisure centre
C a play area for children
D a hospital
E an industrial development
F extra houses
G a steel works
H a motorway

Questions 15-18

Tick Column A if the individual is in favour of the proposals.

Tick Column B if the individual is against the proposals.

  A B

The local farmer
15 The Mayor     
16 The conservation
group spokesman
17 The local MP     
18 The local shopkeeper     
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Questions 19-20

Circle the correct Ietter A-D.

19 Upton is
A close to Tartlesbury.
B far from Tartlesbury.
C connected by rail to Tartlesbury.
  D a town with a university.
20 The College has
A never had a 100% success rate.
B had a 100% success rate this year.
C always been very successful.
  D never been successful.
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